SEO is definitely one of the top online marketing strategies any website should invest in. As important as SEO might seem, it quite challenging to handle, and without any doubt, it needs a professional to handle it. Search Engine Optimization experts understand that the trends keep changing from time to time. As an owner of a website that wants to flourish online, you must learn about the SEO trends that are expected to dominate in 2019. Let’s have a look at them.


1. Search Intent and Code Optimization Will be More Important


Gone are the days when keywords were the major determinants in a set of words used by the customer. Things are changing, and keywords are becoming less important. Rather, the intent behind the set of key phrase or keyword is what will be emphasized more.


The aim is to understand why the visitor is searching for a specific set of words rather than looking at the words literally. Furthermore, the websites that have more than two-second load times will be penalized. The point here is to enhance the user experience.


2. Voice Search Will Replace Word Search


Another big SEO trend in the coming year, which is gradually taking shape today, is the voice search. The consumer can easily tap on the voice search button using their mobile device and speak the word they intend to search. The digital assistants will help to simplify and the voice searches. Usually, the voice searches will deliver the long-tail keyword queries.


3. Blog Generation Should be A Consideration


Blog generation is an effective SEO practice that helps to attract more visitors to your business. Specifically, you should generate blogs for the newbies in the industry. This is a way of welcoming them, but it also educates them accordingly. Even though blogs have been there before, they have become increasingly important in websites. They help to drive traffic to your website and also lure visitors to follow your site.

4. UX Will Be Pivotal


Google is strict about the user experience. That is why it monitors the users’ behavior on your website. The company is pushing personalized search results in order to enhance the experience/performance of the user. Always ensure that your website has a good user experience, which should keep people glued to your site for long. A great way to keep up with what is going on with Google is to Follow Matt Cutts Blog Alternatively, you can always see tips from the Google Webmaster Tools

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