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 Local SEOs: Google is your friend

Local SEO is one of the pillars of a company’s communication, unlike other means of communication, it allows your prospects and local customers to find you easily when they need you! It’s up to you to answer your needs correctly.

Local SEO in a few figures:

Nearly 50% of Google searches on phones are made by users to search for a business, a shop, a restaurant nearby. Similarly, Google and other search engines are indispensable tools for small and large companies. In fact, 58% of Internet users search your local businesses every day and 78% of these searches result in offline purchases.

Still not ready to go? Being present on one of these search engines ensures a conversion two times higher than a search for a company that is not nearby.

But how to appear on the search engines, and be easily found by nearby consumers?

Online directories

Before you even invest in a website or in social networks it is important to use the basic tools of local marketing to be easily found by potential customers nearby.

Yellow Pages

You probably know the directory Yellow Pages, it is increasingly competing on Google but it is still consulted and can be useful if you are not present anywhere else on the Web, especially since it is free for a basic service. Indeed the Yellow Pages site often appears in the first search results on local keywords as you can see in the example below:

Local SEO Yellow Pages

Warning: Being present on the Yellow Pages with a free version is not the optimal solution to appear in front of your competitors, if they decide to switch to a paid version, they will be much more visible.

Google My Business and others

It is to answer this problem that Google and other search engines can provide an even more relevant solution to gain visibility without investing too much. Do you know Google My Business or Bing Addresses?

Everyone has already dealt with these information frameworks listing the companies that best match the searched keywords.

Being present on Google My Business and on Google Maps is a definite advantage because it is the first piece of information that people see on a computer, tablet or phone: